Go give your Librarian a hug. Well, go on!

The library can provide a neutral open place where issues can be discussed face-to-face, where you bring different people together, and the library also has resources to help inform those discussions. If you’re going to do that effectively, the library staff have to be willing to understand what it means to be community dialog facilitators.

— Susan H. Hildreth, director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services in Library Journal | October 15, 2014 (via izabelgronski)

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Lynda.com to Offer At-Home Access for Library Users


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LIBRARIANS ARE AWESOME — (Listen) A birthday mix peppered with literary references for my ‘brary-workin’ bestie fleegan

“A Good Idea At the Time” OK Go // “Holy Roller” Thao & The Get Down Stay Down // “Out Of It” Fallulah // “Old Yellow Bricks” Arctic Monkeys // “Worship You” Vampire Weekend // “The Calculation” Regina Spektor // “Dig” Lost Lander // “Dreams” Bastille // “Bukowski” Modest Mouse // “Smiling Underneath” Ani DiFranco // “Love Love Love” The Mountain Goats // “Judy Blume” Amanda Palmer

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